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Jun 1, 2009

We have been gone to Green Canyon swim camp for the past week and it was wonderful! I was in charge of organizing it and for the most part, it went off without a hitch. We had beautiful weather with no wind, lots of sun, and lovely nights to snuggle into a sleeping bag with my baby. About 90 children had lessons and 33 families camped, played, laughed, and snacked for 5 whole days…what fun! I am abundantly blessed with wonderful friends and many of them were with us camping. I think I got more hugs, kisses, and “Hey, Miss Tracy, watch this!”, than I ever have before in my life. Many of the attendees are my gymnastics students and they were always excited to show me their new skills in the water. My cousins, Tami and Camille, came all the way from Colorado and Utah to join us and they did almost all of the cooking and cleaning for our camp! Talk about amazing friends!

My shy boy, Fisher, had our favorite teacher, David, who helped him to feel comfortable and love lessons! I really thought it was $45 down the drain to even sign him up, but David worked incredibly hard at making friends with Fisher and would come to our camp to play catch with him, bring him a treat, or just to say hi all throughout the week. David is our hero! Blythe and Keziah did wonderful in their lessons. Blythe’s strokes are strong and in correct form. Her teacher had her demonstrate the breast stroke because hers is so beautiful. She has always been a great swimmer, but I saw a lot of progress this year even though she graduated from the Level 6 Red Cross Swimming Program last year. Keziah kept up with her class in Level 5, but she was a lot younger than the other children and far smaller. All three of them improved in courage, strength, and skills…WAY TO GO!

Now that we are home, I have a ton of stuff to get done…here is a sampling:

Today, the long lost Solar Ovens arrived and I am busy getting them out to people. I can’t wait to cook a meal in it! I will post pictures of the whole process soon. If anyone else wants to order one, I can now get them shipped directly to you. You can get info about them at Solar Oven Society.

I am busy organizing The Children’s Parade, which is part of The Celebration of Liberty festivities for Independence Day. We are trying a new thing this year…activities at the park afterwards. If you have a great idea for an activity, let me know ASAP. If you would like to help in any way, also let me know!

Of course, I am also swamped with laundry and unpacking. Blythe and I have tackled eight batches today and got all the camping stuff put away. Now we need to do the dishes, get the gymnastics equipment out of the dining room, bring our lawn back to life, clean all the bedrooms, declutter the basement, clean out the garage, take a load of stuff to the dump, deliver some Hotslings, put in an order of Nutrimills, get the garden planted, and get ready for colloquia on Thursday. Pretty calm, eh?

Fisher and Keziah are down in Cache Valley with Camille picking Dire’s Wode to earn money. They will earn $10 a bag. I am hoping Keziah earns at least $20 and I am really hoping Fisher doesn’t burn every inch of skin on his body.

I will get some more interesting thoughts on here soon…hopefully.

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  1. My first visit here, I’ll be back :)

    • tracy

      Welcome Jeannetta! Are you on the TJEDMuse list or where do I know you from? I ran over and looked at your blog…you have lots of great thoughts!

  2. It was so fun to come up and be with you guys! What a beautiful week! Good luck with your to-do list!

  3. Anne

    Your cup runneth over! You put me to shame. But then you have the energy, support, commitment, interest, and devotion to do such things. I’m happy for you and your family and wish you luck in all your endeavors! How did colloquia go? And do you have time to rest at all?