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Aug 3, 2009

Okay, so once again this post is going to publicly humiliate me…but in the interest of saving someone else from smelling gross stuff I will allow myself to be humiliated!

I have a STRONG gag reflex. Really strong. When I was a teenager and had to change my baby brother’s or sister’s diapers, I had to wear nose plugs. If I didn’t, I would throw up on them as I was changing them. Let me tell you, it is really gross to have to clean up a poopy diaper and then also have to clean up your own throw up that is all over the child and the floor surrounding the child.

My gag reflex is always bad, but it is terrible when I am pregnant. I am not pregnant currently, so it is not in its super-heightened state, but its normal state is bad enough. I throw up when I have to clean out the fridge. I throw up when I inadvertently smell the diaper pail. I throw up when I find icky-lost-slime covered toys in the suburban. You get the picture?????

Are any of you like this?

Well, if you are, I have found the solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee!!!

I have been trying to grow and eat kefir for about a month. I know I should drink it everyday. I know it will help me. I know it will help Annesley, who is prone to getting yeast. I know it will do wonders for my digestive tract. I know, I know, I know AND STILL I can’t stomach it! I hate the smell of it even after 24 hours of it growing. I have let it go the last 10 days or so and it has gotten grosser and grosser by the day. Finally today I knew I had to deal with it. I just couldn’t even fathom letting it sit on my counter another minute. I knew the second I opened the jar I would be puking my guts out. Then, miraculously, an idea popped into my head! I love essential oils. I have LOTS of them. I opened my cupboard, pulled out my trusty Breathe-Ease oil and rubbed it all over my nose and on my tongue. Now, all I could smell or taste was Eucalyptus and Wintergreen oils! I opened the jars, dumped them out, and as long as I didn’t look at what I was doing, I was okay! I didn’t gag. I didn’t throw up. I was able to get through a gross job without losing my breakfast!

If any of you suffer with a strong gag reflex like me, get some essential oils and save yourself from a run to the toilet!

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