Cashew Cream Parfait

Oct 14, 2009





I totally splurged yesterday on strawberries, kiwis, honey, and cashews so I could make this fabulous breakfast I read about at Anne’s blog. She got the recipe from Taste Buddies.

It is so delightful – go make it right now.

I am on my third bowl, because I have to finish up Fisher’s and Annesley’s…this is way to good for the chicken bucket.

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  1. Ok so I am terribly sorry if I got you in trouble! I mentioned to Richard how yummy it sounded and how lucky you were to be able to have a third bowl and he said he didnt know you made it. So sorry! He is too funny! I want to make this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yahoo! Isn’t it phenomenal? I just can’t get enough of it either. And it is so ridiculously healthy! Isn’t food fun!?!? :)