why i like small towns

Jan 19, 2010

I live in a small town, but it is pretty darn big compared to the town I grew up in. I live near a “city” and I am continually amazed at the difference in attitudes between small towns and cities.

Case in point.

I called a small town library 20 miles away from me to find an audio book for Blythe. I am not a member of this library, just of the city library. I explained the dilemma I was having (needing this audio book right away and being on the waiting list for it at my library) and asked if there was any way I could check it out from their library. The cheerful woman on the other end of the phone said “What book are you looking for?” I told her the title and that I had found it in their online catalog and that it was due back today. She looked up who had it checked out and said “Oh, this woman normally comes in later in the day because she takes care of her mother during the day. As soon as she comes in we will save it for you and give you a call. I’ll also go check the drop box right now and see if perhaps she brought it in last night. Thank you for calling – I will do my best to help you get this book today!”

Jaw dropped.

Can you believe that? She actually behaves as if her job as a librarian is to help people find books and check them out!

So many librarians at the city library give off the vibe that they are far too busy to help anyone find a book, check them out, or answer questions in anything but a brusque German army type of manner…you know, with very clipped words with no extra information or a smile that would let you feel like you are actually speaking to a human being.

There is something different in your behavior when you live in a small town. It is as if since you know everyone that lives there and that you will run into them again and again and again for the rest of your life, you treat them as though they are person instead of a number, a being instead of an obstacle, a gift instead of a tool.

I want to be a small town person.

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  1. Would that be in the small town I live in, Tracy? Menan library is AWeSOME!

  2. Anne

    I so agree! I especially noticed the difference when we moved here from the Washington DC area. WOW. Night and day! People in our little area are so friendly and genuine! It’s so refreshing!