so frustrated i could scream

Mar 10, 2010


That is my scream.

Can you hear it?

I am frustrated with so many things.

I am oh so frustrated with Viking Insurance of Wisconsin. That is the company of the guy who caused the car accident. They rate ZERO on customer service. Here is the timeline:

Tuesday – accident

Wednesday – Richard, in pain and needing to either be asleep or getting his body put back together, on the phone for TWO hours with them giving them information they could get off the accident report if they just picked it up and read it! They told him they can’t tell him anything about rental cars or discuss anything with him, the adjuster will have to do that and will be calling in 1-2 days.

Thursday – nothing

Friday – nothing

Saturday – nothing

Sunday – nothing

Monday afternoon – adjuster calls and says they don’t know if they will be paying anything, not sure if it is their guys fault or not…HELLOOOOOO! The guy fully admitted fault, the police report pins it on him 100% and on Richard 0%. Also says we need to get the car towed out of the storage place it is at and they will not pay for a rental car past Friday.

Tuesday – nothing

Wednesday – nothing

Thursday – The adjuster calls and says “Your car is totaled, I am no longer your adjuster. A total adjuster will call you in the next 1-2 days.

Friday – Adjuster leaves a message. Richard calls right back and can’t get her.

Saturday – nothing

Sunday – nothing

Monday – Richard calls several times, gets voice mail every dang time.

Tuesday – Richard calls every single hour all day long and gets voice mail again and again and again…then at 3:00 the voice mail is changed to say she will be out of the office until the 15th! He calls the office and is told they will reassign a different total adjuster to his case and s/he will be calling in the next 1-2 days!

It has been two weeks and we have yet to even have a conversation with our adjuster…how much sense does that make?????????? Then, they had the gall to say “We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.”

Ya think?!?!

The other thing I am frustrated about is Richard took time off yesterday to go to a job interview. This company was advertising $22/hour for an IBI professional, which is what Richard is. The owner told him on the phone that she had a part time position of 20 hours and a full time position.

She has NO hours…NONE! She doesn’t have a single child approved for IBI hours. She also doesn’t want to pay him $22/hour. She would rather start him at $18/hour and reward him each year with a $1/hour raise. She doesn’t want him to work more than 30 hours for her and not work for anyone else, it makes her uncomfortable to think he might do that. Then she says “30 hours a week at $22/hour, 52 weeks of the year is $34,000, what more could you want?”

Um, excuse me…$34,000????

Before taxes.

And only if he actually got his 30 hours a week and worked 52 weeks of the year…never gonna happen. Kids cancel all the time…they get sick, they have appointments, they forget.

How about enough money to support a family of six?

I am angry that she wasted his time by advertising for a position that doesn’t exist and that she doesn’t want to pay for even if it did exist. I am angry she didn’t value his time enough to be honest during their phone call. I am angry that he cancelled client hours and lost money to go to a completely worthless interview.

I am angry that our partners closed our business three years ago. I am angry that I get to see my husband for such a smidgeon of time each day.

I am angry that I am angry.

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  1. Anne


  2. Kerri

    Be a BIG pain in their side! Call the company and ask for someone in charge, call the BBB, call the state attorney general’s office. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  3. Oh, I’ve been there. I am there. I have the same anger sometimes, and I don’t want to. I’m angry my husband works 90 hours a week for salary. It seems like people with hourly wages can’t get enough hours and people getting paid salary are being worked to death. It’s ridiculous. I’m so sorry, Tracy. Hang in there. I don’t know what to tell you.

  4. girlsmama

    In our accidents (none of which have been our fault) we always call our own insurance company. They then deal with the other guys insurance. You shouldn’t have to be doing that. Assuming you have a comprehensive policy, your insurance will also front everything for you and get the other company to pay for it. Also I’ve heard that if you threaten to get a lawyer, the pace is picked up. Insurance companies lose a lot of money when lawyers get involved. Good luck! I hate dealing with these things.

    • tracy

      SERIOUSLY????? Your insurance does all the leg work? Hmmm, I will be making some phone calls to our insurance company tomorrow and see if they will do that for us because these phone calls are driving me bonkers!

      Our car only had liability coverage…it was a 15-year-old car…maybe that is why our insurance hasn’t been all that involved.

  5. jessica

    Oh I’m so sorry. Is there anything at all I can do?

  6. Anne

    This whole thing is ridiculous. I’m with Kerri. Call the BBB and see if there is anything that can be done. At least make it better for the next person who has to deal with them.

    Sorry for you guys!

    And the “employer?” Very frustrating to have people like that wasting R’s valuable time. Sorry again!

    I keep thinking you are going to come out of this on the other end with blessings galore, but the waiting and understanding is mind boggling.

  7. Jenny Hanson

    So sorry dear friend…PEACE, BE STILL! Deep breaths. God loves you infinitely!!!

  8. Oh Tracy I am so sorry yall are going through this right now. (((((((((hugs))))))))

    I agree with the other ladies, stay on the insurance company constantly. Insurance is suppose to help you in a time of need and yall are in a time and need and they are sooooooooo not helping.

    As far as the job interview goes,….well that was just plain rude and inconsiderate of her. So sorry your hubby had to waste his precious time on that. :(

    In the meantime if you need me to serve as a free taxi, give me a call! We will help anyway we can.

  9. {{{HUGS}}} I’m so sorry! Dealing with insurance companies is the WORST. I am praying for you and yours!

  10. Robin

    Get it ALL out sister. It’s healthy to vent. You are good and wise. You trust Heavenly Father and you know he loves you. This too shall pass…..
    Love you. Rob