thankful thursdays 3/11

Mar 11, 2010

* Today we had the privilege of taking 170 books to F.A.I.T.H. – what a remarkable experience! I started the day off still agitated, impatient, and rather snarly, but delivering the books changed all that. I am filled with gratitude for the families that participated, the sponsors that gave generously, and the children that came today with big smiles on their faces to fill a bookshelf. I am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the world. I am grateful for fellow homeschoolers that came together to benefit our community and to change lives. I know the children at F.A.I.T.H. are going to LOVE these books. I can’t wait to do this again next year!

The empty bookshelf:


Posters about homelessness in America:


Putting labels on the books:



All filled up!


Some of the amazing home schooling children who donated books to F.A.I.T.H.:


* Fisher Eli is an adorable boy. Today he said “I wonder if I will do colloquia when I get big?” I asked, “Do you want to?” He excitedly said “YES! When I am as big as Keziah! Do you think I can?” I love homeschooling and I love that we are to the point of seeing results. Having my younger children look forward to learning experiences that they have seen their older siblings and parents participate in is so fun!
* I have finally completed Book One of my cello program! Woo-hoo! I am starting Book Two this week and hope to get through this book much faster!
* My sweetie turned 40 and our children made him some presents from their hearts.

Fisher’s giraffe for his papa:


Fisher’s whale for his papa:


Keziah’s card for her papa:

* I get to take Blythe and Keziah to Fiddler on the Roof on Saturday. It was their Christmas present from Richard and I and they have had to wait a while to get it fulfilled. We are all super excited to see this favorite play in person!
* Razor blades and metal spoons are simply amazing cleaning tools. The drink holders in the suburban had melted crayons, stuck-on gunk, old food decaying into solid rock, and more flower petals than I care to think about…after soaking in Purification essential oil and scrubbing with these magical tools, all the grime is GONE!
Time to go read Jerry Muskrat to Fisher…it is his new favorite book.

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  1. Kate

    Tracy, I love you. You are such an amazing person. I admire your optimism, faith, and joy in the face of hard trials. You are a wonderful friend. I love these posts every Thursday. They brighten my week.

  2. tracy


    That is the sweetest note ever…thank you! I am still on the edge of completely falling apart and screaming at the world. I ranted to some friends today and all my frustration is still there even though I thought it was gone. I really need to get over this whole accident thing, but the phone calls with the insurance company are driving me bonkers. I am not filling all that optimistic or faithful and certainly am not experiencing much joy at the moment, but your post sure brightened my night.

    We started a new read-a-loud this week “Around the World in 80 Days.” Have you ever read it? We are loving it so far. I loved your prose this week about the sidewalk and the shuffle. I can’t wait to read your first published book!

    It is 10:12 and gym is tomorrow and Fiddler on Saturday, so I better get to bed. Love you too, my dear.

  3. Kari

    I just read about your cup holders and it reminded me that I have a carwash coupon for you in my purse that expires in June. Help me remember to give it to you before then. It’s just for an exterior so it doesn’t really apply to your cup holders but it still made me think of it. Gary gave it to me a while back and asked me to give it to you but I keep forgetting. Sorry.

  4. Jenny Hanson

    Dear Friend,
    You are an amazing impactful woman. I dream of being your next door neighbor. I am so grateful you are my friend.

    • tracy


      You always build me up and make me feel like a million bucks! Thank you for being the inspiring, true, hilarious, steadfast, and committed woman that you are! Can’t we all just live on 5 acre plots of land near each other and bake bread together on Wednesday afternoons, have tea on Saturdays, and walk together every morning while we greet the sun?

  5. Kate

    Tracy, I have read Around the World in 80 Days. It is so fun. Way better than the movie, of course.
    You’ll figure it out. I still think you are amazing. I look up to you as a great example of strength and courage and faith.