request from my mom

Apr 21, 2010

Dear all of Tracy’s friends: Please help me finish this group of phrases. Something fun and original please.

Something that ends in ‘ly’




deeply ?


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  1. Kate

    Play passionately

    Give generously

    Eat thankfully ?

    Sleep deeply

    Laugh freely

    Smile sincerely

    Hug tightly

    Love truly

  2. Anne

    Seriously? No one has a cute idea for me? Actually, my sister said how about “give freely.” Love that –

    Live simply, Give freely, Love deeply

    It has potential!

    • tracy

      I like

      Live Simply
      Pray Daily
      Give Freely

  3. Kate

    Hug tightly

    play passionately

    sleep deeply?

    eat thankfully?

    smile sincerely?

    laugh …..something.

    I tried. :)

  4. Robin

    Kiss passionately- or is that included in Give Freely. HA! (sorry, I’m truly not trying to be inappropriate.)
    How about:
    Love openly
    Smile generously
    Live purposefully
    Clean squeakily
    Speak kindly
    Grow /Age beautifully
    Spend wisely
    Love fiercely

    That’s it for my spontaneous contribution. I will think and get back to you if I come up with something good.

  5. Anne

    ha ha ha

  6. Mandi

    Laugh loudly

  7. Anne

    Someone emailed this list to me!

    Live simply
    Give fully
    Serve secretly
    Share openly
    Love unconditionally
    Forgive easily
    Believe completely
    Laugh lastly
    Expect realistically
    Obey perfectly
    Pray daily
    Ponder nightly
    Worship weekly
    Tithe yearly
    Always family

  8. Anne

    Thanks everyone. I had to decide.

    I went with:

    Live simply
    Pray daily
    Love truly