book bonanza – bear snores on

Sep 20, 2010

Bear Snores On

This book is well known and well loved, but just in case one of my readers doesn’t know of this book, I will share it with you today. Bear Snores On is a delightful rhyming story about a group of animals that find refuge in a bear’s cave while he sleeps the winter away. When he wakes up he is angry and sad and blubbery all at the same time. We love this story for the rhyming patterns that even the youngest of story time listeners can figure out, the playful illustrations, the cadence, the bravery of the mouse, the big sneeze, and the friendships made between all the animals.

The same author has several more Bear books and a delightful rhyming, counting story called The Frog in the Bog that we enjoy much. Karma Wilson knows just how to weave words together to get children smiling from ear to ear and ready to shout out the words they know are sure to come.

A Frog in the Bog

I read them both to Fisher and he loved them, so I will be reading them at Story Station (my new weekly story time for our homeschool group) soon.

I am drawn to beautiful and true stories that speak to a child’s soul, but sometimes a bit of silliness is just what is needed to get through the day. These books fit the silliness bill perfectly, while retaining the simple goodness that is integral to the development of the human spirit.

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