the abyss no more

Nov 17, 2010

The abyss, as Kari calls it, is now a clean, organized, orderly creation space.

Thanks to Jessica coming over last night and helping me for six hours, we now have a space for fabric, buttons, thread, paper, scissors, adhesives, cutting board, Cricut supplies, brads, blades, pins, magnets, elastic, bows, ribbon, flowers, tape, rulers, notebooks, paintings, multiplication charts, alphabet cards, baby toys, dress ups, and oh, so much more. We removed bags and boxes and more boxes of garbage. We have a large DI pile. We hung up a cool time-line chart I have been wanting hung-up for years. In short, we worked past midnight creating a miracle! You know, some miracles need a lot of elbow grease to create them!

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  1. Jenny

    I wish I had a Jessica here!!! Doesn’t it feel so great to get things dejunked and in order. On rare occasions I have that feeling and love it.

  2. Anne

    Oh my WORLD! What a grand friend you have! Amazing, because when I saw it last week and then saw your blog, I thought, no WAAAYYY!

    Pictures please!

  3. jessica

    Was it really six hours? It went by so fast! :o)