a lesson from reepicheep

Dec 20, 2010

Tonight in the middle of our sewing marathon…which if you remember involves Kat sewing and me pressing and pinning…Richard took our family (plus Trey) to Voyage of the Dawn Treader for Family Home Evening tonight.

I loved it.

In spite of the changes to the book, I loved it.

I loved sitting in a theater surrounded by the people I love best and watching the absolute joy and wonder on their faces as they experienced this dearly loved story brought to life right in front of them.

I thought that was the reason I felt so strongly we needed to fork out the moola to attend.

I was wrong.

I needed this film.

I needed to see Reepicheep run across the beach and paddle in earnest to Aslan’s land. I needed to see the look in his eyes as he greets it. I needed to see him say goodbye to those he loves and then move forward with excitement to the land of his King.

I have had far too many loved ones die in the past two years. My precious grandmother died two years ago at Christmas-time. I miss her so much. I still cry when I talk about her. I still touch the place on my cheek where she last kissed me on November 29, 2008. I still hear her voice in my mind and sometimes I play her voice on my answering machine. I still think of her when I sing As Sisters In Zion. I still think of her every time I bake or fold or knead or serve.

As I typed these thoughts out, I realized her funeral was today.

Today was the last time I saw her beautiful face and held her hand.

And tonight my Heavenly Father blessed me to see Reepicheep run to heaven to help me see what death from this life can come to mean to me.


Maybe someday I can let her go and be full of joy with her instead of holding on to the pain in my heart which longs for her to be with me here.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for teaching me once again the majesty of your plan for each of your children. Thank you for loving me enough to give me this blessing on this very night. Thank you for remembering the pain in my heart and soothing it with thy tender care.

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  1. Jenny Hanson

    I know how you feel. It is so very hard to lose the ones we love for this season. To not get to have conversations and touch them. Even if they are just around the corner. Ugh!

    I love the movie too. I actually learned more from what Aslan taught Lucy. About our influence and our gifts and talents. Being grateful for them, recognizing them and being grateful and happy for who we are.

    I also loved the charity reepacheep had for Eustice when he became the dragon, mentoring him to be the best he could, giving him courage and helping him recognize there is greatness in himself.

    • tracy

      Those were favorite lessons for me as well! I also loved Eustace talking about how Aslan changed him from the dragon to a boy and how it was something he couldn’t do himself no matter how hard he tried. He said it was painful, but a good kind of painful like pulling a thorn out. Reminds me of the paragraph in Mere Christianity about fixing up our house and God building us a whole new mansion of our lives.

  2. Anne

    Ohhhh, I wish I knew what you were talking about. I’m so blasphemous! Darn me!