blessed day!

Dec 25, 2010

What a lovely day we have had!

We woke up around 9:30 and started sharing our presents with each other. We had a wonderful breakfast of creamed eggs and then went to Aunt Holly’s for a delicious Christmas dinner of homemade ravioli, a Christmas program put on by everyone in the family, and more present exchanging.

Such a blessed and happy day!

My favorite moments?

1. Fisher smiling from from ear to ear when he saw his new orange and green ties hanging from his stocking. He also loves his crayon roll from Annesley (I did the sewing, she put the crayons in…we are such a great team!)


2. Blythe crying when she opened up her bookmarks Keziah and Andie made for her.

3. Annesley’s pure joy at every single present that anyone opened. “A paper! Wow!” “Socks! I love socks!”

4. Annesley loving on the doll Blythe crocheted for her.

5. The overwhelming gratitude we all felt for the people who Secret Santa-ed us. There really aren’t words to describe the feelings in our hearts for these people who gave us so much. We could feel their love and wish we could find out who it is and give them giant bear hugs. The children were SO excited about their presents and Richard and I couldn’t stop crying over the generosity that has been shown to us.

6. Seeing the children wearing all the hats from Grandma Dorothy. They love them to pieces! And everything else she did for us this Christmas season was amazing! Can’t wait to try out the pressure cooker and see how much time it saves me in the kitchen! Fisher is in love with his bow and arrow and loves going outside to shoot!




7. Seeing my girls faces when they opened their skirts. They LOVED them. All the long hours were completely worth it to see how delighted they were. They tried them on and then loved them even more! A big shout out of thanks to Kat and Jennifer for all your help (What am I saying…help? All your DOING it!).




8. My girls’ presents to us. Blythe gave Richard and I ten dollars with a little note saying “For a little treat on your next date.” Keziah made me a cute pillow all by herself…so fun to be at the stage when children think up presents for us and do it all on their own.

9. The 2nd Annual Family Christmas Program was fabulous. The grandchildren sang lots of different numbers, Keziah played her violin, Grandpa played two songs for us on his baritone, Uncle Bret sang Henry VIII, and Aunt Holly and Aunt Sandy played the piano. I hope we do this every year!









10. My new adorable towels from my sister-in-laws are so stinkin’ cute! I can’t wait to hang them on my oven bars. I will also be begging for a tutorial on how to make them!

11. Watching the cousin’s exchange presents. Nicole’s face when she opened hers was priceless! This is the first Christmas in a long time that Aunt Sandy and her family have been here and it was so wonderful to see her children play with ours and get to know them a little bit better.

12. Richard’s parents made all the grandchildren blow guns and boy howdy have they had fun with them all afternoon. Fisher and Uncle Derek had an all out war. These will be favorite toys for years to come!



13. I always love to see what Aunt Holly makes for her parents and this year she came through with adorableness once again. She made a photo book on the letters L-O-V-E and embellished it with all manner of ribbons, flowers, clips, and more. So cute!

14. Richard and I were given a Country Know-How book which is perfect for us wanna-be country folk and a date night to Texas Roadhouse. Can’t wait to have a loaded potato with my sweetie!

15. Kat just came over to give me her present. I screamed and scared everyone in the house half-to-death. A lime green Emile Henrie pie dish I have been ogling for months is now mine! I can’t wait to bake a pie in it…of course I have to learn how to first!

16. My most favorite man gave me some wonderful things…a gift certificate for a date with the words “To the woman who gave me everything I ever wanted when she said yes.” He also gave me the certificate down below.

This document grants to
Mrs. Tracy N. Ward,
A fabulous

“ I want to stay in my house and read for 12 continuous hours without interruption.”

Or an equally amazing

“ I am leaving for 12 hours to find a book, go shopping, get a massage, talk to my friend and eat ice cream, etc…”

This gift comes with a day with Papa for the children, to insure guilt free pleasure spending your time and money on yourself without fear of completely ruining your children’s lives by not having a parent there to bond with your posterity. Included is a “The house will not be in worse shape than you left it” clause in the event that you choose the “Leave the House” option. Since this gift may require some planning to ensure the children are not lost, bored, dismayed, dismantled, dyspeptic, discouraged, dejected, etc… or the house is not destroyed, damaged, disturbed, diluted, displaced or other completely preventable catastrophes, please give at least 12 hours notice before taking advantage of this gift.

Isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve ever read? He is simply adorable and I am so thankful I made the choice to marry him seventeen years ago.

I am now going to go read a little more in The Hidden Christ and drift off to sleep with gratitude in my heart for the love of my Savior, my family, and my friends. What a blessing today has been!

p.s. Please excuse the lack of pictures…my camera was left at the Christmas Eve party and our other camera died pretty early in the present-opening adventure.

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  1. LOL!!! Tracy, I absolutely LOVE Richard’s gift certificate! What a creative, funny guy! When I read it to Russell, he said, “Wow! Maybe he should have been a lawyer!” :-D

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to our favorite Ward Family in the whole world!!! :-) Please give Blythe a big hug from me!

    • tracy

      Blythe loves you so much! I can’t even tell you how you changed her life in the short time you were her mentor. Thank you for uprooting your family to come here and bless our lives.

      Richard is such a fun guy to be married to! He thinks he is boring, but I find him adorable and hilarious and precious and delightful.

      Which clause should I choose?????? Such a hard choice!

  2. mikelle pitts

    This sounds so absolutely delightful! I’m so glad you had a wonderful holiday! I’d LOVE to see a picture of Holly’s gift for her parents. I can’t quite picture what you are talking about. LOVE all the added pictures!

  3. LaPriel

    Love the skirts!

  4. Jen

    Oh my the skirts!! Too cute! stopping by from the homeschool blogger yahoo group. Happy New Year!

    • tracy

      Welcome Jen! The skirts are super fun!

      I stopped by your blog…what a lovely family you have!

  5. Robyn

    I love the skirts! Which pattern did you use? I would love to try something for Easter.

  6. tracy

    We based it off of the Ruffle Joy skirt pattern, but Kat just looked at a skirt made from that pattern and created her own instructions for us to make our skirts with. I can tell you exactly what we did so you can make your own.

    Here is the link to the Ruffle Joy pattern: