the famous blocks

Jan 18, 2011

the famous blocks

The deal-of-a-lifetime blocks were a huge hit at math class last week. The children LOVED them. We had scorpions, corrals, ships, snakes, cars, and a tower built by standing on a chair that was ON TOP of a table. Super fun stuff! Find yourself some Kapla, Keva, or Citi-Blocs and find yourself amazed at the creativity that emerges! These blocks are built in a 1:3:5 ratio and are perfect for discovering balance, geometry, weight, and strength principles.

Because of the before mentioned deal-of-a-lifetime we have 3000 blocks. I would say any family would want around 1000 blocks. We got ours for over 90% off, but even without the deal-of-a-lifetime price, I would highly recommend them. My children have loved playing with them at science museums and children’s discovery centers for years. We have longed to have them in our home, but could never justify the cost until the price of the century hit me in the head ($6.97 for 300 blocks vs. $99 for 300! Gotta love clearance sales at stores that have no idea what they are doing! I wish I would have been able to buy hundreds of boxes and sold them to all my friends!). Now that we have them, I wish I would have splurged on them years ago. I see my children and my students learning about construction in a very tangible way that is in some ways more forgiving and in some ways less forgiving than other construction sets. I see the wheels in their brains turning as they figure out what the possibilities are. I see the smiles on their faces and know that much more than a fun time is being had. I know they are in full immersion learning and I am beyond thrilled!

Here are some pics from math class and then some more from today when we got them out to play with some friends who came to visit and couldn’t wait to try them out.













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  1. Anne

    WOW! Those are awesome. Now I know what you are talking about!

  2. Tasha

    What a fun class! Can you e-mail me some of those pictures from the class? My kids had so much fun building with these. Do you think there are more on clearance anywhere?

    • tracy

      Emailed! Do you want more? Did you get them?

    • tracy

      We got them at Costco…you can start calling all the Costcos around the country and see if you can find some. I have thought about doing it, but decided 3000 was enough for us. Pretty crazy, huh!

  3. jessica

    *snif* I’m still sad and depressed this class filled up before I could get J. in. Boo hoo. Looks fun.

  4. jessica

    Weird, your blog ate my morose comment.

  5. jessica

    That one showed up! I was pouting, still sore your awesome math class filled up before I could get my oldest in. Boo hoo.

  6. jessica

    Oh my bizarre. You must have an anti pouting filter.

  7. jessica

    HAHAHA, this is hilarious. Your blog will not post how sore I am that your awesome math class filled up before I could get my oldest in. Boo hoo.

  8. tracy

    All your comments are here now! Anti-pouting filter worked!!!!

    Just kidding, I don’t know why they want to spam, but I found them!

    I need you to come over and fix me email box for the blog…still down since Thanksgiving!

  9. tracy

    I had no idea you would be interested in having J. have a weekly commitment! I would have LOVED to have him in class! We just started a new semester and had sign-ups again!

    You guys should come over and have a block building day!

  10. jessica

    Oh! When you first started I enthusiastically told you I’d like J in, but you said it was already filled.

    • tracy

      Well, I don’t know how I forgot that tidbit of info! I should have let you know registrations for this semester were occurring!

      Sorry…I am a space cadet!

  11. jessica

    ::weeping:: You don’t have room for one more very well behaved boy? He’s so skinny, he won’t take up much room. ;op

    • tracy

      I so wish I did! I have a waiting list of about 8 children right now and they are all begging me to just let their child in…that one more child can surely fit. If I let J in big problems would ensue!

      But y’all are welcome to come play math with us anytime!

  12. jessica

    I’m so sad, you told me we were number one on your waiting list last time. I’m going to make you sign something this time :( :( :(

    Jake would feel horribly left out if we came over just once and he knew everyone else was meeting regularly. He’s so anxious for other homeschooled friends (but not interested in gymnastics).

    • tracy

      Oh dear!!!! This is just awful!

      I don’t know how I completely spaced J’s interest in my math class. On the day of registration, all the spots were gone in about an hour. It was crazy! I am so sorry, so so sorry.