potw: the jolly woodchuck

Feb 21, 2011

We are still working on memorizing last week’s poem, but we are starting a new one today anyway. We will just have to work extra hard to polish up both of them this week! I am loving all these wintery poems about our cold, snowy world and the different ways animals live in the frigid north.

The Jolly Woodchuck by Marion Edey and Dorothy Grider

The woodchuck’s very very fat
But doesn’t care a pin for that.

When nights are long and the snow is deep,
Down in his hole he lies asleep.

Under the earth is a little warm room
The drowsy woodchuck calls his home.

Rolls of fat and fur surround him,
With all his children curled around him,

Snout to snout and tail to tail.
He never wakes in the wildest gale;

When icicles snap and the north wind blows
He snores in his sleep and rubs his nose.

Isn’t that cute! In many ways I would love to be a hibernating animal and sleep for months on end all warm and snuggly with the ones I love best.

Of course, since we had a woodchuck visit us and scare us half to death, I know woodchucks aren’t all that snuggly…at least with us he wasn’t!


I still like the poem though!

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