book bonanza: it’s a book

Mar 29, 2011

book bonanza: it’s a book

It's a Book

We love this book at our home. It is hilarious and I can’t help laughing right out loud every time I read it. The whole book is a conversation between two characters about the object one of them is immersed in. The first asks things like “Where is your mouse?” and “How do you scroll down?” to which the second always responds, “It’s a book.”

Cracks me up!

In today’s techno-savvy world, it is a not only a great way to make fun of ourselves, but a fabulous reminder that there is life outside of all the latest gadgets. I love the computer as much as the next person, but I love books even more.

Here is the back cover:



Disclaimer: One of the characters is a donkey and he is called by his other name…I just leave those parts out when I read it aloud.

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  1. Kate

    One of my english professors read this to us in class last week! So funny!!