first day: 40 days, 40 bags

Mar 15, 2011


I am trying to get a head of the game so I can escape this weekend without any “I’m so behind” guilt about this lil’ decluttering project. Today I started in my bedroom, which is by far the messiest room of my house. Sad to say, but it is true. Although I only have a large lawn bag of garbage, one DI box, a broken laundry basket, and another box of garbage, I have actually made a huge dent in my room. I unpacked two clothing bags from last August…yes, AUGUST! I haven’t needed my camping clothes since then, so I haven’t missed them much. I filled a bag of Annesley’s too small clothes and shoes. I emptied four giant bins of stuff that used to be on my bookshelves in the hall before I emptied them in a mad rush to rearrange my dining room back in October. I made a box of stuff to be burned (not happening right now in the rain), a box of stuff that needs put away elsewhere in the house, and a box of stuff that needs saved, but is not being used right now.

I am pretty proud of the amount of work I got done. The next time I can focus this much on it is next Tuesday…so I am hoping I don’t backtrack too much in the meantime!

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