potw: growing up

Mar 7, 2011

Last week was jam-packed! Monday I ordered all the books for the 2nd Annual Homeschool Read-A-Thon, Tuesday I took 80 youth to see A Tale of Two Cities in Salt Lake City on a bus I rented for the occasion, Wednesday we had iFamily classes, Thursday I babysat Christopher, had Liberty Girls for Keziah and Eve, violin lessons for Keziah, and our adult colloquium at my home that night, Friday I taught gymnastics, handed out all the Read-A-Thon books, took the children to the library, and had an amazing youth colloquium at my home. Saturday was Richard’s birthday party, and Sunday I slept (I did teach my Primary class and attend all my Sunday meetings, but then I stayed in bed the rest of the day!). I am finally feeling a tad bit caught up on sleep!

Now a new week is here! Keziah and Eve have been conducting science experiments all morning long…something with baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring. I will find out all about it when they share their results with us tonight at Family Home Evening. We are going to be finishing Twenty and Ten today, starting a new poem, starting a new writing challenge, reading some more about Archimedes, starting to plan out our catapults, work on drawing, math, handwriting, geography, learn about another author from Lives of the Authors, and whatever else I decide to throw in the mix. Eve bought a new drawing book with her Read-A-Thon money and she has already improved by leaps and bounds. I love learning as a family and can’t imagine life any other way!

Here is our Poem Of The Week (taken from the book A Zooful of Animals)

A Zooful of Animals

Growing Up by C.J. Dennis

Little Tommy Tadpole began to weep and wail,
For Little Tommy Tadpole had lost his little tail,
And his mother didn’t know him, as he wept upon a log;
For he wasn’t Tommy Tadpole, but Mr. Thomas Frog.

Isn’t that a cute poem? Sometimes growing up is hard and sometimes we just don’t wanna grow up! Of course, I will reassure my children that I will still know them as they change into their future adult selves!

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