1. Your POTW days remind me of my Mother-in-law. my husband knows so many poems and can even recite a few, and many lines of many because his mom read poetry to them. As I read your book (TJed) I find myself wondering if she didn’t have some idea about what she was doing for her children. They read many classic books together and talked a lot about the founding fathers and read their writings often.

    Thanks for the book by the way. I’m really enjoying it and am almost finished.

  2. tracy

    Memorizing poetry, scriptures, quotes, etc…is such fun! We love it!

    The TJED book is so fabulous – I’m glad you are enjoying it. The book called Leadership Education: The Phases of Education is also excellent…perhaps even better because it takes the theory and shows how to put it into practice. You are welcome to borrow it when I you are done with the first one.

    What is your favorite poem?