book bonanza: the story about ping

May 25, 2011

book bonanza: the story about ping

the story about pin

Fisher and I have started a new learning adventure. Today was our first day with Five In A Row, which is an educational program designed around fabulous children’s literature. A parent and child read one book together for five days in a row, falling more in love with it each time. Each day you get to share some special activities together about some aspect of the it’s geography, art, mathematics, history, language, etc.

The Story About Ping is delightful! Ping is a little duck who hides from his master when he is late coming home and ends up lost and all alone. Eventually he makes it back to his family and faces his consequence for being late. So many wonderful life lessons are packed into this book…you will have to find it and enjoy it with your little ones.

I can’t believe I’ve never read this gem of a story before! I can’t wait to read it again tomorrow!

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  1. We had that book growing up, and I loved it!

  2. We love Ping and FIAR. I used FIAR for a few years when my daughter was in Preschool and Kindergarden. It was hard to continue to do when my boys got that old but I make sure we read all those great books from the program. Enjoy your FIAR weeks. It was a really fun way to do school!