the waiting game

May 18, 2011

I met with a surgeon today and she felt the lump…she called it a nodule…and she said she would like to wait and see what it does over the next two months before she makes any decisions.

Don’t know what to think.

I am feeling fairly calm and peaceful. I desperately want to know what this thing in my breast is, but I am willing to go on with life and put what I have learned through this process into practice.

Lessons learned:

1. Calmness is a choice.

2. Love is a choice.

3. My calling as a wife and mother are paramount in my heart and I need to make sure they are paramount in the ways I choose to spend my days.

4. I am loved by God above and many family and friends here on earth.

5. We are being watched over by our ancestors.

6. Communion with God needs to take priority in my life.

7. Life is precious…savor it, seize it, and live with zest.

8. Live in such a way that people know how much you care about them.

9. Look for beauty everyday.

10. God is love and I must learn to trust Him completely if I am to have true peace in my soul.

11. I am not alone.

12. I can do hard things.

13. Laughter is powerful.

14. Love, gratitude, and forgiveness heal the soul.

15. Looking into my children’s eyes is the most lovely part of any day.

16. My husband loves me deeply, passionately, and tenderly. He will do anything for me to make my journey here better. He will not abandon me…emotionally or physically…he is here for the long haul.

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  1. Rachael Hagge

    Hi dear friend! I’m thinking of you lots lately. We’re praying for you too. I have a little somethin’ for you. When’s a good time to bring it over? I love you to pieces.

    • tracy

      Hello Rachael! I miss seeing you each week! Thank you for your prayers…I surely need them right now! You should come to our colloquium tomorrow night! If not, just call me and see if I’m home before you come.

  2. Anne

    Wow. God’s plan is amazing. Look how much we learn from our trials! You are amazing!!!! We are all learning from what you are learning, too.

  3. What incredible lessons! Isn’t it amazing how life’s trials can really clear our vision in life? You are an amazing person, hold strong.

    I’ll be praying for you.

  4. Sixteen very important truths. Prayers for a peaceful heart headed your way. :)