potw: catch a little rhyme

Jun 6, 2011

I have SO many posts I need to write and simply no time to do it in. I will try to catch up on them this week…Mikelle & Logan’s sealing, swim camp, thoughts on education, thoughts on friendship, a surprise visit from my mom, a new giant bear at our home, nine new puppies, how the chicks are growing, and an update on my lump…we will see what I get to and what gets tabled.

But, I know many of you are loving our poems of the week, so I wanted to make sure and share this week’s with you so you can start memorizing it early in the week!

Catch a Little Rhyme
by Eve Merriam

Once upon a time
I caught a little rhyme

I set it on the floor
but it ran right out the door

I chased it on my bicycle
but it melted to an icicle

I scooped it up in my hat
but it turned into a cat

I caught it by the tail
but it stretched into a whale

I followed it in a boat
but it changed into a goat

When I fed it tin and paper
it became a tall skyscraper

Then it grew into a kite
and flew far out of sight…

I have been choosing easier, rhyming poems lately because Fisher and Annesley are loving memorizing them. The bouncy cadence of rhyming poems helps these little ones in their learning to decode and read journey. It is so fun to be at this stage with two new learners and see how excited they are to finish the sentences as they figure out the rhyming words. Annesley is still catching on, but Fisher has it pretty much down pat.

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