bedsores on their way

Jul 26, 2011

I had a chunk of my breast removed yesterday and I am pretty sore…and dizzy…and shocked at the swollenness of my right side. I showed my mom last night on FaceTime and we laughed so hard about it, it hurt my incision and I learned my laughing lesson real quick.

The bad thing about being in bed for hours on end is that the parts of my body that weren’t sore yesterday are sore today. My bed is horribly uncomfortable, sags in the middle, contorts my vertebrae, and jostles me severely each time one of my children so much as breathes on it.

Results of the lump’s make-up should be in on Thursday. I’m not spending too much energy thinking about that…most of my brain cells are working on the problem of how to get comfortable, keep the ice pack on my breast in the right position, and how to sleep with the puppies barking outside my window.

Speaking of puppies, Keziah sold two of them yesterday at Broulim’s. Yippee! We have four more waiting to find their families!

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  1. Anne

    I told everyone at work about the size of your boober. They laughed too. Sorry we were laughing at your pain. But those pictures were pretty funny! Hope you are feeling a little better every single day!

  2. Jenny

    Oh Tracy,

    I am thinking of you and your pain. I hope it feels better soon and the results come back good.

  3. I’ve been thinking about you. I’m glad you can laugh (but not too hard) and I’m sorry your bed isn’t comfy.
    Rest and get better!! It will feel so good to get the results no matter what the outcome because the mystery of it all will be gone.
    Whatcha reading while you’re laying around?

    • tracy

      I haven’t got ANY good reading yet!

      Thank you for the warm fuzzies! How are you doing in this heat? How many weeks are you now?