book bonanza: this is the house that was tidy and neat

Jul 11, 2011

book bonanza: this is the house that was tidy and neat

You want a picture into my life? Here it is.

This Is The House

We checked this book out from the library this week because of my endless fascination with books that have lots of repetition and a “can you predict” type of story line. I think they are fabulous for building pre-reading skills and drawing children into books. I figured this would be somewhat like This Is The House That Jack Built. It is just like it, except it tells the story of a woman who leaves her house tidy and neat, then the children and animals make all sorts of messes, and then her husband and the children clean and clean so it is neat and tidy when she returns. Then…and this is the clincher for really making it the story of my life…she sinks in a chair and puts up her feet and rests while the dad fixes something to eat.

I can cook delicious food and I do love feeding my family food they love. It warms my heart to have us all gather around the table enjoying a nutritious meal after I have worked hard to make it just right for everyone. But, I often completely forget about feeding people until they are starving! Sometimes I am gone to a birth or a meeting and dinner is forgotten. Sometimes we are so engrossed in a book it never crosses my mind to get up from what we are doing and actually prepare food! I am so glad the papa of our home cooks so frequently and enjoys it so thoroughly. There is no way I could live my life and be involved in so many of the things I am without Richard by my side loving me, believing in me, and cooking food for all of us!

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