in the kitchen, the lovely kitchen

Jul 27, 2011

Sing that title to The Lion King song “In the jungle, the mighty jungle…”

We have had a slow week around here. I have been in bed or laying on the couch almost 24/7. Monday I slept all day. Tuesday I listened to the children fight all day and thought I would lose my mind. Wednesday I listened to my two littlest ones play in their kitchen for hours on end.

They made food for all their dolls and stuffed animals. They made soup for me. They had a picnic in a fort they created. They held their babies and took them on walks. They sang them songs. They made cookies and sandwiches and salads and oodles of other delicacies.

It was lovely to just lay there and listen to their voices.

I relish these moments of mommy rewards…those times when their sweetness and innocence shine forth so strongly, when all the hours of teaching them kindness and gentleness pay off, when the effort it takes to create a home where creativity can flourish is fully rewarded.

Motherhood is worth it. Tuesday I wasn’t so sure I had had any impact on my children for good, but today made up for it.

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  1. Anne

    So how was Thursday? Any luck on the puppy front?

    • tracy


      You are signed in as me…sign out so I can stop editing your comments! Silly gma!

      Anyway, she didn’t go sell them yesterday. I am hoping to get her over there today, but I am so woozy, I don’t know if it is really safe for me to drive. If you want one, you need to decide today because I am hoping for them to be gone today or tomorrow. There is the white one, the black with brown, the furry black one, and Scout left.

  2. Mom

    How do I sign out?

  3. Mom

    From my iPad . . .

    • tracy

      Those two comments showed up just fine as being from you.