sacred sabbaths: grace

Jul 31, 2011

You know that article I encouraged you to read yesterday? Well, now I have watched the whole talk that the article was based on and now you will hear me shouting.


If you have ever wondered how the atonement works, if you have ever wondered about faith vs. works vs. grace, if you have ever felt like giving up and giving in, if you have ever not measured up to your so-called best, if you have read the phrase “after all we can do” and been misled about grace ever since, if you have ever wondered if you are enough, please, please, go watch this talk clear to the end and let God’s love for you sink deep into your soul.

I cannot tell you how many times I have felt like giving up because I was just not heaven material. I was not measuring up to what I knew I “should” be doing. I judged someone…again. I lost my patience…again. I didn’t have an organized home, or a nutritious meal, or clean laundry for everyone…again. I tried to punish myself for my faults instead of turning to the Savior for help…again. I didn’t accept His love into my heart…again. I carried burdens instead of giving them up…again. I became exasperated with my Richard…again. I gave into hopelessness…again.

I have been learning this lesson for awhile now…and this talk really cemented it into me…His grace is sufficient. He is with me (if I let Him be) and His love, power, and mercy can and will help me through each experience of my life…my time of learning heaven.

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