summer of treason: philadelphia 1776

Jul 6, 2011

Today I found out about Syd Lieberman and his website chock-full of downloadable stories.

Syd is an internationally acclaimed storyteller, an award-winning teacher, and an author. He has appeared at major storytelling festivals across the country, including eight featured appearances at the National Festival in Jonesborough, TN; at the Glistening Waters Festival in New Zealand; and on American Public Radio’s Good Evening as a guest storyteller and host. He was featured in The Call of Story, a television special, and has received commissions to write and perform stories across the country.

Today we are listening to his story The Summer of Treason: Philadelphia 1776 and it is great! Fisher is building a marble run, Blythe is drawing, Keziah is doing a puzzle, Annesley is trying hard to stop singing, and I am trying to plan out my Mom School for this fall.

To find this story, go Syd’s website and scroll down until you see The Summer of Treason. You can download different segments of the story or the whole thing all at once.

I can’t wait to download his Jewish stories, Dead Sea Scrolls, and Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

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  1. Cool, this is great, I’ll have to check out his site for resources. We want to listen to more books while we are on the road (for our huge road trip – Alaska to Argentina).