some mothering thoughts

Aug 27, 2011

Back in January I took a three day writing class and learned so much. One of the assignments was to do a free write every day, first thing in the morning. Today while I was cleaning my room, I found one of my free writes and loved it so much I thought I would share it. I want to keep these words with me (and throw away the crumpled up paper they are written on!) and maybe, just maybe, they will resonate with another mother.

Keziah! Having her period? No way! I can’t believe that will be happening anytime soon…and yet, surely, she is growing. Surely she will be a mother someday. I just can’t see it now. She is my little roughhousing, never stopping, full of courage, vim, and vigor little girl.

Yesterday I caught a glimpse for the first time. I saw an adolescent face in the midst of her fancy “Aliysa Lamoreaux” hair-do. I saw that she will be beautiful. I saw the freckles soften, the jawline refine, and the eyes sparkle.

What to do? What does she need? Right now, what does she need to prepare for that day? That time period when her body will change, her emotions will fluctuate and perhaps her self-confidence won’t be the same as it is now.

The day is coming. I can see that now. I need to snuggle more, talk less. Listen more, control less. Laugh more, do less.

Just the other day when I saw the pictures Blythe took of Keziah and her bag, I saw it again. She is growing up. She is becoming a young lady. Having walked this path already with Blythe (and really being caught off guard by the whole thing!) I want to do things differently this time around. I don’t know why all these thoughts came up in a free write session, but because they did, I think I need to listen to them and let God guide my thoughts on how to best mother my girlie during her growing up years.

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