17 miracles

Sep 6, 2011

17 Miracles snowbasin. Rescue, Bodil's  and Niels death 322

Last night for Family Home Evening we went to the movie 17 Miracles which chronicles the story of the Willie Handcart Company of 1856. This company of English, Danish, and Swedish members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were determined to get to the Salt Lake Valley even though many of them were short on funds (though they had been saving for the trip for many, many years) and almost all of them were severely short on the skills needed to make a trek across the plains and mountains of the West.

We loved it. We cried and laughed and rejoiced with them. We cheered for them. We fell in love with Levi Savage. Fisher said he loved the whole thing and can’t wait to watch it again. Blythe bawled her eyes out; I think all the memories from when she went on a reenactment trek came swirling back.

It made me grateful for my life and my struggles and helped me to understand the early members of my church much more. What stalwart examples of faith, courage, and sacrifice they are!

It prompted me to start thinking more about the miracles in my life. There have been many miracles and I need to remember them more clearly and more often.

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  1. Robyn

    I loved this movie too especially knowing that one of my ancestors was in the Martin Handcart Company. Her faith inspires me everyday.

    • tracy

      Who is she? Richard has two relatives in the Willie or Martin Companies.

  2. Robyn

    Elizabeth Horrocks Jackson Kingsford. She crossed with her husband, Aaron, who passed away in the night after crossing the river. She finished the trek with her 3 little ones. Her words are posted in the Martin’s Cove WY visitor’s center and have been quoted in General Conf (most recently Elder Cook when he talked about the amazing women of the church). These are her words to her posterity,

    “I have a desire to leave a record of those scenes and events, through which I have passed, that my children, down to my latest posterity may read what their ancestors were willing to suffer and did suffer, patiently for the Gospel’s sake . . . I hope too, that it will inspire my posterity with fortitude to stand firm and faithful to the truth, and be willing to suffer, and sacrifice all things they may be required to pass through for the kingdom of God’s sake.”

    I look forward to meeting her someday.

    • tracy

      Yes! I know and love her story!! What an amazing legacy of faith and obedience!