Oct 31, 2011

I have a dear friend, Heather Burton, who is a breath of fresh air in my life. She is hilarious, kind, passionate, gentle, determined, brilliant, and the mother of nine. Her hugs fill my soul with strength.

I am sometimes asked why I educate my children at home, why I spend day after day after day with my children striving to teach them, to inspire them, to work with them, and to provide a place where they can blossom. Heather’s children have been part of that reason. I have watched them grow into amazing young people and have dared to hope that my children would fulfill their own dreams as the Burton’s have theirs.

Today, one of Heather’s children, Josh, has released an inspiring YouTube movie about his journey to fulfill his dreams as a musician. I have watched it several times today and have cried every time. His story inspires me to reach for the greatness that is within me and to help my children do the same. If you can’t see it here and want to look it up, it is called Josh Burton – Rising.

Josh leaves tomorrow morning to begin his mission for the LDS church in Guatemala. His brother, Denny, is also leaving tomorrow to serve in The Netherlands. I am so happy for Heather, Josh, Denny, and all the rest of the Burton family. May the beauty of this day stay in their souls and warm them for months to come.

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  1. Heather


    You have astounded me this very minute with your loving generosity — or, should I say, I am astounded that you have seen so much of what I (we) hope to be amidst all that we are not yet.

    THANK YOU for making the time to blog about Josh’s video. THANK YOU for seeing through loving eyes. THANK YOU for being such a blessing. I am floored, warmed, and encouraged. You could likely imagine the adversity surrounding a week filled with temple, mission preparations, and savouring last minutes of family love and closeness.

    Oh, I am filled with wonder at your words. It’s what I hope we can be more of and become.

    Love to you and YOUR beautiful family,