thankful thursdays 11/17

Nov 17, 2011

  • As I sit here drinking my green smoothie, I am thankful for fresh produce. Just imagine not being able to get an apple, banana, peach, cantaloupe, tomato, cucumber, carrots, onions, spinach, romaine, parsley, or celery. When I read stories of war-torn countries one of the things that always jumps out at me is the lack of produce. I kind of live in fear of not having access to fresh food and today I am so thankful I have enough of it to make a green smoothie jam-packed with nutrients my body craves.
  • I am thankful for my Worldviews class. The youth I mentor are amazing! Yesterday we did a simulation and I was so proud of them. They got right into their roles and argued passionately for their viewpoints. I am grateful for the learning and growing we get to do together, for the lessons they teach me, and for the privilege I have to be part of their education.
  • I am grateful for my husband working hard each day and making it possible for me to stay home with our children. Being with them day in and day out is one of the greatest blessings of my life.
  • I am grateful for knee-high wool socks. They make my legs toasty-warm and fill me with joy!
  • I am grateful for violins and violin teachers. Keziah is practicing right this minute. I love how our children fill our home with music. Blythe is in love with her new violin and is improving by leaps and bounds. Yesterday I was able to soak in the bath and listen to her practice and create music of her own. When we started on this journey ten years ago I had no idea where it would take us, I guess I still don’t, but I am grateful for this musical journey and the education it has given all of us.
  • I am grateful for the beans Camille and I canned back in the spring of 2005. We have been eating them several days a week for lunch for the last few month or so. Camille came to my house and taught me how to can beans, an endeavor I was thoroughly intimidated by, and then those beans have sat on my shelves ever since. Well, Kat taught Blythe how to make refried beans out of them and so we have been eating them. Blythe has even figured out how to play around with seasonings to make them taste a lttle bit different each time.
  • I am grateful for my adorable little buttons on the homepage. I had a dream about them and Miss Jessica made them for me…I think they are stinkin’ cute! My website changes are almost complete and when they are I will give you a tour so you can find your way around.
  • I am grateful for the hilarious things my children say and do. They help me keep a smile on my face and I need as many smiles as I can get!

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