she’s got nails

Jan 8, 2012

she’s got nails

My project for the last two months has been growing out my fingernails.

I know.

Those of you who know me in real life are gasping for breath trying to stop yourselves from going into a full-blown heart attack. Or shock. Or whatever it is that happens when you are presented with something completely out of your experience or your imagination.

Tracy with fingernails?


Yes, I agree. I can’t quite get over it myself. But it is true. I have long beautiful fingernails that I have no idea what to do with. I don’t know how to shape them, file them, or paint them. So I do nothing and they keep growing and keep getting thicker and stronger.

Here is the proof.

It all started when Liz decided I was her project. She started painting gobbledy-gook all over my fingernails to stop me from biting them. Bitter, nasting-smelling, and nasty-tasting chemicals that I wanted no where near my innards. I stopped biting them and they started growing. Then she would repaint them with more of said nasty stuff.

It worked and now I have nails. After 37 years of biting them down to bleeding stubbs every single day, I have nails. Now I need someone to come paint them for me!

I’m thinking, if I can do this, I can do anything!

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  1. Anne

    What the cow!!!!! They look aMAYzing!!!!!! I swear! You can do anything!!!!!!!

  2. So, no cello playing for awhile? ;) They look beautiful!

    • tracy

      As soon as I start lessons again, I will have to cut them. I am hoping to be able to not start biting them again and just have clean, short nails.

  3. Really lovely! You have beautiful, capable hands, Tracy. And, your nails give me hope that I can leave mine alone, too. :)

    • tracy

      Ahhh, thanks Liz! Yes, take heart that you can do it too!