sleep, real sleep

Jan 24, 2012

Last night I slept. Actually slept. I didn’t toss and turn and have my shoulder come out of its socket or have my pelvis ache or position pillows all around me to keep my spine in some semblance of alignment. I just slept.


How did this change come about?

Well, I don’t really know.

What I do know is when I got home late Friday night I found a mattress and box springs in the front of my house. At the time I was completely baffled. They were quite wet and I couldn’t figure out why they were there.

After thinking about it for awhile I figured out that someone must have read my blog on Thursday where I said I was grateful for my bed…that even though it was uncomfortable, I was grateful for a warm, safe place to sleep. And that same someone must have decided to be hero of the year and give us their mattress and box springs. I don’t know if that is really what happened or if whoever is involved in this bed miracle even reads my blog. Who knows? Maybe God just prompted someone to do this? I don’t know. All I know is someone out there is wonderful beyond words and has changed my whole life. When Richard and I woke up this morning, I said, “Wow, I actually slept! I didn’t toss and turn” and he said, “I know, amazing isn’t it! I slept as well and feel more rested than I have in years.”

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

We will pass on your good karma!

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  1. Rachael

    Your reasoning was the same as my same reasoning too! Someone must have read and God bless them. That’s SO AWESOME you both feel deeply rested.

  2. Anne