Apr 2, 2012

Posts that is. Yippee-skippee!

When I noticed a string of sevens turn up on my blog dashboard last night, I wanted to do a happy dance. See, I love the number seven. It is the most holy number…ever. It means covenant, perfect, complete, promise. To me it symbolizes God’s majesty, goodness, and perfect plan for His children.

And now I have written 777 posts in the past three years of blogging here at my little home on the web.

Seeing all those sevens brings joy to my soul.

Fun facts about me and the number seven:

I was born on the 7th

At 7:00

After seven minutes of pushing

I weighed 7 lbs.

My first child was born on the 7th.

And weighed 7 lbs.

My second child’s middle name is the number seven in Hebrew.

What is your favorite number and why?

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1 Comment

  1. Anne

    Such an awesome number, that 7! Love it. Love that you love it too.