May 3, 2012


The books came last night after my Ozone Treatment and thanks to my superstar friends, Kat & Jess, they all got sorted, boxed up, and ready to be shipped out!

Kids playing in boxes…trust me, they are inside those boxes, but they wouldn’t poke a foot out!

Dutifully checking off all the books to make sure they arrived. I like photos from this angle much better than the front.

Jessica trying to teach me to smile like a movie star since the moment a camera is pointed in my general direction my face goes into some ridiculous configuration that makes me look like a goofball. See below.

Kat concentrating hard while Jess was giving me photo lessons. Every one needs a brilliant Kat in their life.

Me laughing so hard over the ridiculous photo shoot instructions that I peed my pants and couldn’t get up, so Kat and Jess had to lift me up and then laugh their heads off at my pee covered bum.

Thank you to everyone who helped make it a success! A lot of children are going to be diving into some beautiful books!

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  1. Anne

    I swear, you guys are three dorks in a pod!

    • tracy

      Dorks? Whatever did we do to earn that title?

      • jessica

        I proudly wear the dork title, I think it’s my middle name. Oh wait, I don’t have one. *pouts*

        Dorks are funny, fun people, right “Anne?”

        • That’s Dorothy. <3

          I also accept dork. Especially if it lumps me in with these two cool cats. I always wanted to be in a cool club.

          • jessica

            I know, that’s why “Anne” is in quotes. I didn’t want to give her secret identity away, now her super hero cover is blown!

  2. Mom

    Totally. Fun. And. A. Little. Odd. Maybe. Weird. But. So. Darn. Awesome. Too. And. I’m. So. Glad. You. Three. Have. Each. Other!

  3. Anne


  4. Anne

    Oh, shoot!

    Well, you guys are all CEO’s of the cool club if you ask me. Which you didn’t.

    • jessica

      I will take that title too. CEO of Dorkland.

      • tracy

        Drat! I wanted to be the CEO of Dorkland! As long as I get my quarterly bonuses though, I will cede the title to you!

        • jessica

          You can have it! I hate being in charge. Can I be your vice pres?

          • tracy

            Sure! And my web designer & marketing director! Speaking of which, I need to get to work on Richard’s website.