sacred sabbaths: forgiveness

Aug 26, 2012

A woman at church today shared this thought:

Forgiveness is the closest we come to creation in this life. When we are able to let hatred, anger, judgment, and bitterness go, we create something beautiful.

I don’t know that I believe that forgiveness is actually closer to creation than creating bodies for God’s children, but I love the thought process this statement sent me on. Forgiveness and creation have never been connected in my heart before and this opens up a whole new way of thinking for me.

I can remember times I have forgiven others and through that experience beauty has been created, lives have been healed, new paths have been forged, and God has taught me deeply powerful truths. I remember times when I have been forgiven and yes, beauty has been created. I have been given this amazing life with a husband that loves me thoroughly through the power of forgiveness. I have friendships that have grown into life-sustaining forces in my life through the miracle of forgiveness. My heart has been transformed into a softer, more faithful heart by experiencing the atonement of my Savior.

Forgiveness does create beauty…such a lovely thought, isn’t it?

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