day at the pool

Jun 18, 2013

day at the pool

We have been exploring pools in the area to have our annual Swim Camp next year and last week we had a blast swimming and sliding.

The big, hill slides that were sauna-like hot inside.


Annes tackled the big slides along with all the big kids.


Coming out of the chute – no, she isn’t drowning, jut being swept away to the stairs.


Here she is, so proud of her bravery on the big slide.


The foam pads made it slick and speedy.


She loved going down this one because at the end you aren’t moving hardly at all and she could stop, stand up, and jump out.


The splash park was a hit with all the little ones.





Sunburns, smiles, and freckle-growing were on the upswing.


One happy boy.


These goggles crack me up.


I love that my children are die-hard swimmers. They will swim till the cows come home if I let them and their courage impresses me. My husband *hates* swimming, but I love it and so do my kiddos, so it is one of our favorite summer pastimes when he is at work. I am hoping to catch our little lake with the kayaks sometime this week and maybe Bear Lake as well. Summer in Idaho is so short, we need to pack our days full of adventure while the sun is warm and the wind is slow – it will be gone before we know it.

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  1. If you make a plan to go to the lake let me know! We had to sell our kayaks :( but my kids have been asking when we can go swim & play in the sand.

    • I’m also hoping to have toddler mermaid tails to photograph, and I’ll need Annesley and Ben to model for me.

      • tracy

        You know Annes is always willing!

  2. Kate

    Which pool was that?