anything that can go wrong…

Feb 3, 2015

You guys don’t want to hear this. I don’t want to type it. But I can see it is going to impact my life for the next little while so I better record it for my posterity’s sake.

Saturday I finally felt good enough to go to a homeschool conference (the one I was supposed to speak at, but cancelled because of my knee injury) and didn’t pass out or even have many episodes of tachycardia. It was amazing to feel so good! Sheri and I had a lovely time and I left feeling renewed and full of ideas to implement into our routine. As we sat at the stop sign ready to leave the parking lot of the conference, we were rear-ended. YES, you read that right, REAR-ENDED.

In our new-to-us car that we got around New Year’s after Richard’s car finally bit the dust completely.

The car is okay.

I am not.

My facial bones ache.

My jaw aches.

My neck aches.

My back aches.

My ribs ache.

My hip aches.

My foot aches.

My head, which never gets headaches, aches.

Ice and therapy and more ice and sleep and more ice have been the tasks for the past several days.

I am not complaining to God, but I am asking Mr. Murphy, “Isn’t it enough that my LCL and meniscus are currently torn? Isn’t it enough that I pass out regularly? Isn’t it enough that my pelvis is so incredibly unstable that someone bumping into me can dislocate my pubic bone and femur? Isn’t it enough? Really?”

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  1. Liz

    Boy, I hope they have insurance and you reported to the hospital—-

    • tracy

      Yes, they did have insurance! We didn’t go to the hospital that night because hospital staff really wouldn’t be able to help me except to give me pain killers. I was at Jeremy’s bright and early Monday morning and he started working on my neck. C1 was rotated and sheared pretty badly. My jaw is out of place and clicking like crazy. And I hurt. Everywhere.

  2. Liz

    You have so many friends and they pray for you……

    • tracy

      Those prayers are what get me through. Thank YOU!