how are those joints doing anyway?

Mar 19, 2015

We are fourteen weeks out from the knee injury and while it is not hurting nearly as much as it used to hurt – it hardly ever takes my breath away with pain and I can stand on it for quite a while without it throbbing – it is still super-duper loose and not able to function well without my brace. So, I guess leggings and knee-length yoga skirts will continue to be my wardrobe of choice (force?) for awhile longer.

Unfortunately, the top half of my body is a different story. We are almost seven weeks out from the car accident and oh, my stinkin’ heck, the pain! The agony. The sleepless nights. The headaches, face aches, jaw aches, neck aches, ARRRRRRGGGGH. The rib pain as they shift in and out of place ALL DAY LONG with nearly every breath I take. The sternum torture from the bone that is visibly out place and poking out all skeewampus out of my chest. My back has been taped into military posture for the past two weeks and while it is GREATLY helping, it does not take away all the sternum pain. It also makes it really hard for me to do my hair, use my arms for the simplest of things, or get myself undressed. My sacrum feels like a hot ball of fire that is approximately the size and weight of an 8 lb. therapy ball. I cannot believe the amount of pain this teensy weensy accident has caused.

And the passing out/shaking/tachycardia episodes have returned with a vengeance.

Seriously. This is enough.

We are basically ignoring my knee, hip, and feet issues because there is not time or energy to even attend to them right now. All my emotional stamina can handle focusing on is getting better from this car accident.

I have given in to the world of modern medicine and am taking a muscle relaxant at night and Ibuprofen throughout the day to reduce the global inflammation this accident has caused. After not taking over-the-counter or prescription drugs for twenty years, this is a big deal. It shows just how willing I am to do what it takes.

Today I tried out a tens unit…and all the angels sang! I must get me one of these miniature miracle workers. The muscles in my back felt relaxed and warm and gushy and I nearly shouted with relief!

Speaking of angels, have you seen this painting? It is my favorite thing ever and thanks to my friend, Jodie, it will soon be hanging in my room, infusing me with hope and faith every day.


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  1. Jenny

    I absolutely LOVE that painting! Who is the artist?

  2. Jenny

    Thank you so much! You have an incredible husband. You are an incredible woman. It seems to be a good pairing.

  3. Liz

    Can Jessica set up a go fund me for you for the tens unit…… I can donate $25. as soon as it is up. You are a miracle girl, you know. :)

    • tracy

      Oh Liz, that is so kind of you to offer, but the unit I borrowed from Jen is only $40 on Amazon. I think I will scoop one up soon. It is making a big difference for my back and neck!

  4. kimber

    I gave that painting to Sam’s parents when Becky died. I love it so much. It speaks to us in our own personal Gethsemane.

    • tracy

      Oh Kimber, we are kindred spirits, I think! I love it ever so much and am so excited for it to be hanging on my wall where I can get inspiration and warm fuzzies every single day. I hope it comforts Sam’s family.