fiar: papa piccolo

Sep 12, 2011 by

fiar: papa piccolo

Papa Piccolo

This week for FIAR, Fisher and I are reading Papa Piccolo.

Last week we read Madeline (which I had somehow never read before!) and Fisher loved it. He loved counting all sorts of things throughout the book and memorized most of the story well enough to recite it back to me. We have the whole collection, so last night Richard read him a whole host of the other stories. Keziah has had a Madeline doll for several years and Fisher and Annes have had a ball dressing her and playing with her for days on end. They loved the doll’s appendix scar and have had to show it to everyone who has come over. Then our friend, Jennifer, had her appendix removed on Wednesday and while it was sad for Jennifer, it was exciting for Fisher and Annesley who feel like they are now experts on the whole surgical process!

Anyway, this week we are starting Papa Piccolo. We lucked out on Friday and found it at the library book sale for ten cents and Fisher has been begging me to read it to him ever since. But I made him wait until today and I know the minute he wakes up he will be ready for me to read it with him. The magic of making a child wait a little bit never ceases to amaze me!

I have never read this book either, but I know it is about a tomcat who learns to be nurturing to some orphaned kitties. I want my children to know men can be nurturing while also being strong and protective. I am looking forward to some great discussions with my little guy about manhood!

p.s. Now we have read it…and he loved it. We learned about gondolas, Venice, loneliness, family, love, service to others healing our hearts, and papa-hood. Fisher is such a gentle soul, I’m sure he will be a wonderful papa someday…and he has the most wonderful papa to teach him how.

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book bonanza: why don’t you get a horse, sam adams?

Jun 22, 2011 by

book bonanza: why don’t you get a horse, sam adams?

Sam Adams

I was up early this morning working on creating bylaws and forms for iFamily Leadership Academy and Fisher came down and brought me this book to read. I told him I wouldn’t be able to read it all because I had so much to do, but after we got started on it, we read it clear through.

What a fun story! I never knew that Sam Adams didn’t know how to ride a horse! This delightful tale shares the story of the colonists and their growing opposition to England’s policies and what part Sam Adams, John Hancock, John Adams, George Washington, and Paul Revere played in the eventual War of Independence.

We love all of Jean Fritz’s books and are always on the lookout for them at used book stores. Some of our other favorites are Where Was Patrick Henry on the 29th of May?, Will You Sign Here, John Hancock?, George Washington’s Breakfast, Shh! We’re Writing the Constitution, and The Cabin Faced West. They are fabulous for introducing young people to the events of history and sharing details that are often overlooked in more advanced history books.

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thanksgiving book

Nov 27, 2009 by

A few weeks ago we checked out a few Thanksgiving books from the library and because of the pencil roll project I have not had time to read them till today.

The children and I snuggled in for a short evening read and found a classic. We will definitely be purchasing this book!

thank you sarah

This is the story of Sarah Hale and her determination to have America celebrate a day of thanks on the same day. The illustrations are charming and tell the story with exaggerated pen sizes, distorted President’s faces, and her children sleeping on piles of letters. She spent 38 years on her cause and finally succeeded when President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving as a holiday to be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

Sarah was a remarkable woman who was determined to change society for the better. She fought for playgrounds for children and education for girls and against spanking, corsets, dull stories, and slavery.

Trust me, you will love this book…go find it at your library today…but then, like me, you will be wanting to buy it!

My favorite line:

Thanksgiving needed a real superhero, someone bold and brave and stubborn and smart. Thanksgiving needed Sarah Hale. Now, I know what you’re thinking. She doesn’t look like a superhero. She looks like a dainty little lady.

Never underestimate dainty little ladies.

I concur…

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