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We have had a rough day – lots of moans, groans, glares, yells, and arguments. We had a lot of catching up to do on the dishes and laundry and school work and trying to get back into a routine is always difficult for this family of “routine rejectors.” I am not feeling well at all, Blythe is still sick, and the other three all needed much more of me than I had been giving them the last few weeks, so today my purpose was to fill our souls with love, good books, laughter, and some work around the house to put things back in order. I wanted them to feel like I was HERE with them, that they belong to a wonderful family, that they are secure and cherished and valued and important. Instead, I had one of them tell me they hate me, another tell me I am completely unfair, another cry while I tried to catch up the dishes to some semblance of cleanliness and order, and another whine for hours about going to the park. I’m feeling pretty much a failure at motherhood today.

I just opened up Our Home by C.E. Sargent and while I was flipping through I landed on the chapter “Home Smiles.” Listen to this gem:

When two smiles have met, two souls are acquainted. A smile is the sign that a soul gives when it would examine another soul…

By smiles we do not mean that which takes the place of loud laughter when the occasion is insufficient to provoke us to more noisy demonstrations. Nor do we mean either the transient smile with which one regards the ludicrous, or the habitual smile that often accompanies a low degree of thought-power. There is a smile that originates neither in the sense of the ludicrous, nor in thoughtlessness. Like certain articles of dress such smiles are becoming on all occasions. They sit with equal grace upon the visage of joy and of sorrow. They seem as appropriate when they wreathe the mother’s thoughtful face as when they live in the dimpled cheek of laughing girlhood, or with their magic play transform tear-stained eyes to twinkling stars.

These are the smiles with which we would adorn every home. We would set them as vases of flowers in every human abode.

Smiles should be the legal tender in every family for the payment of all debts of kindness, and each member should be willing to take this currency at its face value; for its value is beyond the reach of those disturbing influences that shake the world of commerce. And, what is better than all, it can never be demonetized, for it bears the immutable stamp of the divine government.

Goal for tomorrow – a lot more smiles! Heartfelt, soul-sustaining smiles.

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