april showers – of blessings!

May 1, 2009

We have been so blessed by the goodness and generosity of others. As I look back at the month of April, which was full of busyness, meetings, and deadlines for all of our activities, extreme tooth/face/chest/head pain, a week of diarrhea/throwing up/stomach aches/chills/exhaustion/etc. by every member of my family, and more laundry and dishes than should ever exist in one home, I am humbled to my core at the kindness that others have bestowed upon our family, and me especially.

1. Numerous meals…all delicious and so needed…thank you April, Katy, Amy, Anna, Camille, Cami…you guys saved my children from starvation !

2. My dear cousin, Camille, came all the way from Logan to take care of me and my children.

3. Priesthood blessings helped much.

4. Prayers by many.

5. Medications to relieve the pain.

6. My mother drove to Salt Lake City from Wyoming to take care of Annesley during my dental appointment.

7. My friend, Kari, came with me to SLC to drive me home after the dental appoinment and her husband took the day off of work to care for their children…thanks Gary! We had a fabulous time talking, laughing, crying…you know, girl stuff!

8. My friend, Jana, let my other children stay with her family all day long for said appointment.

9. Our friends, the Hall family, adopted us for Easter and brought over much needed groceries, baskets, $$$, and most importantly, love.

10. My friend, Jennifer, came and held me and rubbed my feet during the Lortab hallucination/uncontrollable shaking/freaking-out fiasco.

11. Her husband, Jesse, who is an incredible pharmacist, answered countless questions at all hours of the day and night.

12. My amazing dentist, Dr. Pyper, talked with me and counseled me for at least 3 hours about what to do with my tooth and he left it in!

13. My mother came and stayed with us for Easter and Passover, did my laundry, dishes, cooking, etc. She made amazing poppy sead bread that I think I ate an entire loaf of!

14. Our friends, the Randleas and the Brownings, joined us for a 3 hour Passover Feast and brought much of the food!

15. My chiropractor saw me numerous times…for free…what an amazing gift!

16. The Taylors let us borrow their trailer to pick up some free tires I am hoping to build a little play area with.

17. My friend, Jessica, took Amy and I to dinner at my favorite restaurant, Miso Hungry.

18. She also spent hours helping me with my blog…she did a great job, don’t you agree?

19. All of my friends called and checked on me many, many times and were always ready with hugs and encouragement.

20. Lots of rides were given to my children by friends and neighbors.

21. My friend, Mary Beth, came to my house early one morning and made me a scrumptious, buckwheat smoothie…it changed my life…I would like to eat one of these every day for the rest of forever…and yes, I will post the recipe later! Her children got right to work and washed my dishes.

22. I was given some absolute treasures of my grandmother’s. A little green stool that my grandfather carved by hand to round the corners. I love, love, love this stool. We always stood on this stool to brush our teeth at grandma’s house. One of her sweaters that I adore. Her set of story books. Her scriptures! Lots of handkerchiefs, doilies, tablecloths, and table runners. Her crochet basket and hooks with some of her unfinished projects. A knitted blanket in blue and white for Miss Keziah, who loves all things blue. My great-grandfather’s sweater – priceless! A cake platter for Miss Blythe to display her creations on. Two of her little pink cups and one blue one (for Keziah, of course!). Her memory book that I made for her for my grandfather’s 90th birthday. Her green quilt, made by her, and snuggled under by me on many a visit to her house. Her old yellow stool…the kind that is a step stool or fold the seat down and sit on it stool – my children are loving this thing. What treasures! I miss my grandma every day, but now, having some of her things in my home helps me remember the wonderful times I had with her.

23. My husband made dinner almost every night, held me when I cried, told me I was “exactly the woman he wanted” when I told him he should trade me in for a better model…you know, one who actually has the laundry folded and findable, meals prepared and cleaned up, beds made, baths cleaned, books shelved, floors mopped, and a bedroom that is actually able to be slept in because the bed isn’t covered with stuff and the walkway to the bed is not a “taking your life in your own hands” adventure. He is the greatest husband ever, of that I am sure!

With all of these blessings, we survived! Here it is the first of May. Thank you all for your help, your love, your time, and your prayers. We surely needed them to get through April!

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  1. I had no idea… really – you should have said something. I would have loved to have helped you too… and so glad you got to keep your tooth! I know how upset you were over that. And your dear husband is the sweetest. He’s just exactly right for you. :)

    • tracy

      I was in no position to be asking for anything…all I could do was survive the next minute…not think ahead to how I could actually improve the situation.