fisher gets a haircut

Oct 23, 2010

My little Fisher only allows his Aunt Mikelle to cut his hair. The problem is, Aunt Mikelle doesn’t live here, she just had a baby, and Fisher’s hair resembles a lion mane when it gets long.

He didn’t want anyone else to cut his hair. He kept hoping we would go down and visit Baby Easton and get haircuts for himself and Annes, but that hasn’t happened the last few weeks and the situation was getting desperate. The last few days we couldn’t see his eyes very well, and the bushy-ness in the back made his head look like he had a football helmet on.

Well, I finally convinced him to let someone else try and we ran out this afternoon for a date together. His hair cut turned out super cute and then he asked if I would take him to Papa Kelsey’s for fries. We had a great mommy-son date and now I can see his adorable freckles and sparkling eyes.



Pretty cute boy, eh?

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  1. Anne

    Fisher, you are so grown-up looking with this new haircut! You are a handsome lad! Love you! Love Grommer! That’s the best smile I’ve ever seen!

  2. Tasha

    You look so handsome, Fisher!