another new girl

Jan 16, 2011

There is confusion floating around and I am here to solve it for you! We have two new girls at our home. One is this new creature that is waking up in the morning all on her own and one is our visitor, Eve. She is here doing a semester abroad to our homeschool. We are having so much fun with her and can’t wait to get a good routine all set up to create a magical love of learning environment for our two ten year old girlies. Eve is such a delight to have in our home. She is cheerful, helpful, creative, curious, a hard worker, loves to play games, loves to play hard…we love her to pieces!

She is taking all sorts of classes with us, reading books, attending colloquia, is in Liberty Girls, and is having a blast talking to Keziah all night long. I have always said I need more children and if borrowing them from wonderful cousins is the only way to get them, then I am going to beg! We are so grateful to Eve’s parents for letting her have an extended stay at our home and we promise with no fingers crossed behind our backs that we are taking great care of her.

Here are some old pics of Eve and Keziah…best cousins, just like their mamas were!



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