book bonanza: one fine day

Apr 23, 2011

One Fine Day

I read this book to the children at Story Station on Wednesday and instantly fell in love. I picked it up at the library on our spur-of-the-moment trip to town. I am getting a titch desperate for more storytime books and picked up a stack at the library as quick as I could. Having read it now, I must own this book. It is the perfect story of repentance, learning to choose the right, and kid-friendly rhyming and repetition that makes children’s stories so fun. I surely wasn’t expecting to fall in love with it, but fall I did.

A fox steals some milk from an old woman’s cask and she cuts off his tail. He is devastated and begs her to fix it. She says she will sew it back on if he replaces her stolen milk, so he sets off to find some milk. He asks a cow for milk, but the cow wants some grass in return. He asks the field for some grass, but the field wants some water in return. On and on the fox goes, having to get something in return for each thing he needs to pay back the milk.

I have seen this book many times, but somehow I have never read it until this week. It is now going to become part of our family culture and be read to my children often. I love the lessons it teaches of consequences, asking for help, helping others, forgiveness, and ultimately, redemption.

I think you will love it, too!

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