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Apr 18, 2011

Photo 142

Corrie Esther Rhino Hami that is…

Corrie after one of Keziah’s heroes, Corrie ten Boom

Esther after Queen Esther…another of her heroes

Rhino after the hamster in Bolt????? Haven’t seen it, but that is what I am hearing.

Hami because Keziah and Eve think it is oh, so adorable.

I love the name Corrie and, of course, you can never go wrong with Esther, but Rhino and Hami are quite bizarre in my book…but it is not my hamster and I never, ever, not in a million years wanted one in my house, so I don’t have any pull with the naming crew.

Keziah is in love. She can hardly contain herself. She has kept her room absolutely spotless for weeks and been saving her money up for months and those were the two tasks she and her papa agreed upon for her to be allowed to have a hamster. Then, by a series of lovely coincidences, a family in our homeschool group sent out an email saying she had free hamsters ready for adoption and another lady in the same group said she would give Keziah their old cage. Keziah was beyond excited. I was dumbfounded. I never thought she would be able to keep her room spotless and I never thought she would be able to earn enough money, but somehow she has done both and now I have a rodent living in my house.

A pretty cute rodent, though.

All of the children are in love with little Corrie and supposedly these little dwarf hamsters are a piece of cake to take care of and don’t stink at all, so we will see what the next week brings us in terms of mess, smell, and time, but for now, she is a keeper.

At least that is the vote of six members of this household…I’m still on the fence!

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  1. Anne

    Very cute!!!!