blow me away

Feb 23, 2012

blow me away

We were nearly blown away yesterday. I heard the gusts were about 75 mph. Doors were blown open, we could hardly hear anything in my Worldviews class, and several times as I was going in and out of iFamily I wondered if I might just fly away. I really wondered if little Annesley without any fat rolls on her might get away from us. Fortunately, we all stayed on earth and only lost our good looks as our hair was blown all over the place.

Unfortunately, though, for our yard, we lost several trees. Our ancient, heavy metal trampoline stayed put, though!






Fisher and Annes have turned that big tree into their ship and have been riding it this morning in imagination land. The best toys are often found in nature…dirt, sticks, rocks.

I will miss the shade that big tree gave my bedroom, but mostly, I am glad it didn’t come through my window!

Today we have blue skies and nary a breeze is blowing. The weather this year has been crazy!

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  1. jessica

    Sathre’s trampoline is in our backyard!

    • tracy

      Oh wow!!! Is it broken or intact?

  2. Mom

    Good grief!!!!!! That is just too scary! We had a ton of wind but nothing like that!