joy in my garden

Mar 18, 2012

This morning I lay in bed listening to the sounds of my home with a heart full of a fierce love for these souls I call mine.

I listened to them pray, giggle, discuss, and help each other. I listened to them connect with one another. I listened to their comfortableness in our home.

And I fell in love with them all over again.

Annesley talked non-stop to her papa for two hours. She told him all about monsters, dreams, memories, and how much she loves him.

“Papa, do you remember when you asked where your phone was and I found it? THAT was funny!”

“Papa, do you know why I love you? Because you have a mustache (he doesn’t and never has), and you give me piggy-back rides, foot-rides, and shoulder-rides to bed, and you play games with me and Fisher.”

“Papa, I was hunting in the woods and there were some monsters and I WAS SO SCARED and I had a sword and I cut the monsters’ heads off and I WAS SO SCARED and then there were some ladybugs and I caught them and brought them home for Fisher’s bug jar because he is my brother and Papa, why do you love me?”

These precious souls are mine to tend: to help them pull out weeds, to blossom, to spread deep roots in the soil of truth and love, to feed them the nutrients of physical and emotional health, to shine light on them and show them where to look for growth. My sacred stewardship is to love them, teach them, show them, and guide them as they grow. Sometimes, we have days (and weeks and years!) where our garden seems kind of homely, but then we have moments where I know my little plants are growing in just the way God wants them to and my heart wells up inside of me with a joy that is indescribable.

Today I will remember the joy and glory in my children and their goodness.

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  1. You really do have a green thumb.

  2. Anne

    What a difference a couple of days make! I adore Kat’s comment!

  3. Jenny Hanson

    Your garden extends far beyond your home too. You plant amazing seeds wherever you go.

    • tracy

      Aaaahhh Jenny, I could just hug you. Thank you for being a passionate voice of encouragement for me and my efforts! Did you get the word about Green Canyon sign ups? Next week!