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Mar 19, 2012

Dear Readers,

I have not forgotten you. Trust me on this. I simply cannot sit down at my computer, so I have to type on an eensy-weensy screen and I can’t upload any pictures, so it is a titch difficult to eek out a meaningful blog post…but I have not forgotten you!

I have some great posts in the works on our Learning Closet rearrangements, some of our favorite music for little ones, Keziah’s new adventure with piano lessons, lessons learned while I am living in bed, and how much we are loving Xtra Math. We will just have to see how long it takes me to finger peck them out on my little screen.

The big news for today is…

DRUMROLL ::::::::::

DRUMROLL ::::::::::

Sadie had her puppies today! The children are in love with the little fur balls and by their reports shouted out as they run up and down the stairs, all seems to be well in the basement. They tell me she gave birth under Keziah’s bed, which is a perfect hidden-away-from-rambunctious-children-spot for her newest arrivals.

p.s. Remember to check out Jessica’s big 30% off sale all Usborne Books over at Balancing Everything.

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  1. beautifully said. thank you.

  2. Anne

    Dang it! I totally miss your more frequent writings . . . but I have to say that everyone pretty much understands. BUT I HAVE seen you go to town on that eensy-weensy screen and you ARE pretty dang fast!

  3. Michelle

    You just keep resting up and healing!

    • tracy

      Thank you Michelle!

      I am trying hard on the resting part!