thankful thursdays 3/1

Mar 1, 2012

I am spending my days in bed trying to prevent bed sores and boredom from taking over my life. The children come in and do math and handwriting and history and reading with me. We are listening to lots of audio books (Rikki Tikki Tavi and Little Men today) while we snuggle under my blankets.

Hunkering down.

Meanwhile we are being flooded with kindnesses and I am once again filled to the brim with gratitude for my blessings.

  • I am thankful for all the kind words and notes sent my way. Thank you for thinking of me and my cracked lil’ bone.
  • I am thankful for the Roasted Red Pepper & Quinoa soup, Artisan bread, and Homemade Mac & Cheese that Jessica brought over.
  • Amy brought over delicious enchiladas last night – I ate three plates full!
  • These two special friends also came and deep-cleaned my kitchen last night. It is sparkling! We laughed all night long as they scrubbed the grease, dirt, and crumbs away. I thought it was fairly clean, but they still spent three hours to get it spotless.
  • My neighbor, Anna, brought over some s’more treats that were quickly devoured by the children. Sometimes a treat for the kids is the most important thing that can be done to help a house with an out-of-action mama to run smoothly.
  • My friend, Jennifer, taught my classes at iFamily yesterday and Jessica took my children there so I was able to stay in bed all day and give my pelvis a lot of rest.
  • Blythe and Keziah have been working hard running the house and have done it mostly with a smile.
  • I am so grateful for my big bathtub. Soaking in it is the only thing that takes the pain away. I wish I could live in there!

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  1. Anne

    You have to worry about bed sores, too? For crying out loud!!!!

  2. So sorry about your pelvis my dear. It seems there is always something happening to MAKE you rest a bit– or a lot.

    Love you and hope you heal in a speedy fashion.

    Thank goodness for sweet friends.

    • tracy

      Yes, I have VERY little self-control to make myself rest on my own! My friends are SUPA-AMAZING!

      Still thinking of coming out for swim camp?

      Love your school room rearrangement!