thankful thursdays 2/7

Feb 7, 2013

thankful thursdays 2/7

It is Thursday and I am going to start my Thankful Thursdays posts again. I haven’t written one since March 1 of last year and am filled with regret that I have missed the last eleven months of gratitude posts. My formatting got messed up in one of my blog overhauls and I just couldn’t write a bulleted post without cute bullets and dashes. It seems a little silly now, but at the time I just couldn’t stand to look at my list of thankful things when it wasn’t wrapped up in cuteness.

Well, Jessica fixed that. She is amaze-balls with all things techie and is hands-down, the best web designer out there. She just redid my mom’s site and while it isn’t quite finished yet, it is looking fabulouso!

Anyway, I am sad to not have a weekly record of gratitude of the past year with this hip injury because I have had blessing after blessing heaped upon me and now I don’t have a really great record of it. But, I will be starting again today and now is certainly better than never.

This isn’t going to be a comprehensive list or anything…no need to list out the 238 million things my heart is full of at the moment…but it will be things that have really meant a lot to me and I haven’t mentioned on here.

  • Kat gave me this awesome herbal tea maker for Christmas. I love it oh, so much. You just pour 1/2 C. of loose tea in the bottom, fill it with boiling water, plunge the tea down to the halfway point, set the timer for 15 minutes, and voila, delicious, perfectly made tea with no mess and no big clean-up. No more muslin wrapped tea! No more herb parts stuck in my tiny strainer! No more tea spilling all over my counter when I miss my tiny strainer. It is utter delight.
  • While I was stuck in bed, Liz came over and cleaned my bedroom. While she was on her cleaning rampage she found a vinyl wall hanging and wasn’t disgusted at all that I have been waiting for four whole years to hang it up. Instead, she got right to work and hung it up! I didn’t see it for a few days because I was stuck in bed, but when I did, I shrieked with joy! I love this saying and have therefore, stocked my house with thousands of books.
  • My girls have been blessed by a wonderful new music teacher. She is teaching them both piano and violin AND she comes to our home. I am so grateful for the opportunity my children have to become musicians and while I have been in bed for the past month I have loved listening to them practice and develop their skills.
  • Yesterday on the way home from iFamily, we stopped at Great Harvest right at closing time. The sweet girl behind the counter gave us two wraps for free! How delicious is that?
  • My classes at iFamily are going really, really well. I love teaching and sharing my passions with others and I have a big group of students who are thoroughly engaged in learning what I have to share with them…perfect scenario!
  • I am in love with my new orange bullets and pink dashes, larger font, bigger line height, paragraphing in my blockquotes, and a brighter picture of me over there on the side. Thank you Jessica!

Tea Maker…if you want one, I think she got it at Ikea.

My dining room wall with my awesome quote…thanks Liz!

Our new music teacher, Emily, teaching piano to Miss Kez.


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  1. Anne

    Oh, my goodness. Everyday I live vicariously through your posts about your wonderful friends. I am so happy you have a sweet circle surrounding you.

  2. Hmmm, I forgot how long your bullets can be. I think I need to figure out how to get the bullet to stay with the first sentence. Or would you like them centered?

    I need a little tea maker like that, how lovely.

    I’ve missed your Thankful Thursdays!

    • tracy

      Umm, yeah, I do tend to be wordy on my Thankful Thursdays posts, so bullets on the first line would probably be best.

      • Fixed – but now I think your line heights in the comment section are out of control.

  3. Anne

    Love the vinyl! What font is that? Where did we get it? Heather in Perry, Utah? Also need to know more about the tea pot. What brand is that? Look how nice your kitchen looks in that picture!

    • tracy

      I don’t remember the name of the font, but yes, it was from Heather. I ordered it back when I got my “Even the smallest creature can change the course of the future” that is in my school room.

      The tea infuser is amazing!!! I have never seen anything like it and it works fabulously well. You will have to ask Kat what model it is. I just looked on the IKEA site and don’t see it there.