almost hiking

Jul 2, 2013

almost hiking

A few weeks ago when Tami was here visiting we spent the afternoon at one of our favorite kid-friendly hiking spots with my friend Jennifer and her family. When all the kids were tuckered out from walking up and down the mountainside, we had a huge picnic and then spent the evening fishing with Mr. Richard, the world’s best fisherman.

Fisher and Teryn running up the hill – they weren’t interested in waiting for me. I walk pretty slowly uphill as it hurts my hip like the dickens.




Trying to figure out what type of juniper this is – the berries turn different colors when squished depending on the type.


Jen, Lizzie, and Jessie


Miss Paige and Annesley


Some of the gang…just the ones who were willing to walk at my turtle pace.


Skipping rocks



Jace freezing after wading in the river


Fishing the night away


Fisher in his favorite spot – near a river with his fishing pole.


Annesley’s very, very, very small fish – it’s a baby bullhead.


Keziah with her signature bun. I’m sure she will do her hair down someday, but we have only seen it in this hairdo for the past two years or so.


Teryn and those adorable glasses


I love, love, love being out in nature. This hike was a little rough on me and I ended up having to walk down holding on to Tami because I was quite close to passing out, but it was worth it to be out in the wild with my family and friends.

p.s. In just four short weeks I will be in my Wyoming mountains again – I am so ready to swim in the glacier fed waters and kayak across the lake in the shadow of my mountains.

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